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Change communications

We are experienced change communications experts and know that committing personnel to the change is the basis for success. This applies to all changes – a strategy update, an organizational change, employment negotiations, a change in the ways of working, relocation of premises, or acquisition. 

The change announcement is just a kick-off for the actual change. It is important that change communications is clear, regular, and its progress continuously monitored. 

We can joint the change team already in the planning phase, but it’s not unusual that we start the work closer to the d-day.

Intranet guide for the Fiskars Group new headquarters

 The goal of the website was to familiarize the personnel with the office and the new ways of working, to tell about new solutions and services, and to provide information about the neighborhood of the office. We made the page layouts and illustrated them with illustrative drawings at the beginning, so that the testers of the site had the opportunity to evaluate the overall functionality as well.

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Communicating acquisition and integration at MacGregor

MacGregor was preparing the largest acquisition in its history. A strong investment was needed in integration planning and implementation to ensure that the companies would really merge together, and communications was seen as an important driver here. Our expert joined the cross-functional integration team and handled communications from the announcement of the acquisition to the completion of the merger and the initial stages of integration.

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