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We specialize in workplace communications. We plan and implement daily workplace communications, change communications and strategy communications independently or together with your team. We discuss communications channel choices with you and produce versatile content for them. We also have substantial experience in global media communications, from choosing target media to building relationships, and from creating press releases to organizing events. In addition we provide support for everyday crises and coaching for media work. 

If you need a competent and brisk partner, contact us! 

Media communications

The media field is constantly changing, the editorial work of media houses is getting more and more concentrated, and everybody is busy. Media work should therefore be done in a more targeted manner. Our background is in the technology industry, so we know the media, journalists and bloggers of the field.

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The competition for people’s attention is getting tougher. Hence, the company’s content must be interesting and thought-provoking on websites, social media channels, intranet, internal chat channels, videos and podcasts.

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Communications as a service

If your communications team is missing a member or a project a communicator, we can help you quickly. Our expert can work in your team full-time or part-time for as long as you need. We have supported business units and projects and led communications teams in temporary assignments.

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Strategy communications

In a rapidly changing world, it is increasingly important the strategy communications is regular, continuous throughout the year and inclusive of all personnel groups. Together with you, we will create a strategy communication plan where the key elements of its implementation will be assembled.

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Change communications

Committing personnel to the change is the basis of success,. It is good to get involved already in the planning phase, but we can also jump on a moving train.

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Workplace communications

We help companies enhance internal information flow and interaction. We plan and implement the deployment of collaborative tools and ways of working. In this the activation of the management and the participation of personnel are the key success factors. We support the communications of company strategy, products, services, and people in different channels.

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