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Our team has extensive experience in global corporate communications – we don’t flinch at any situation. We are used to jumping in projects on the fly, quickly understand the big picture and our clients have praised us as great people to work with. Our roles vary from consulting to being part of a team, and from working independently to leading teams. Let’s talk and find out, how we can help you most effectively!

We produce content not only in Finnish and English, but also in Swedish and German.

Marianne Holmlund


+358 50 1842

I am one of the founders and partners of Paja Communications and have learnt what I know of communications in two global technology companies. I enjoy being around people - different encounters give energy and spark to my work.  

Being exposed to something new excites me, and I've worked in different areas of communications. I've built global and domestic press relations, worked in product communications and organized corporate and launch events, produced content for various channels, developed communication organization and planning, done my share in financial communications and sparred and coached leaders in communications.  

I relax out with friends and family, reading books and watching TV, at home and in my summer cottage. My favorite room is the kitchen - a new recipe, what an opportunity! My personal trainer has floppy ears and fluffy fur – Hessu is a two-year-old Welsh springer spaniel, with whom life is always an adventure. 

Kirsi Varkemaa


+358 50 522 2600

I’m an experienced communications professional and one of the Paja founders and partners. Thanks to 15 years at various comms roles in an international corporation and a decade of change comms, content creation and media relations as a consultant, I have developed a very versatile kit of skills and capabilities. 

Communicating changes and employee communications are particularly close to my heart, as well as writing and editing. At Paja, my speciality has been jumping into different types of “stand-in” assignments – I've been an acting comms director and joined comms and integration teams in our client companies for a fixed term. In these situations, I throw myself completely to the job at hand.  

When not at work, I spend time with my family, sing in a choir, knit pullovers, read books, enjoy the outdoors and love to travel.  

Kirsi Kausamo


+358 400 402 461

I have a long and solid experience in financial and sustainability reporting as well as online and workplace communications of a global corporation. At Paja, I have worked mostly in projects lasting over a year as a member of the communications teams of client companies. I have received positive feedback on my quick familiarization with matters and my ability to cooperate with different teams.    

My special skills include intranet design and development as well as management of many tools, such as SharePoint, Dream Broker, Adobe AEM and Workiva. In addition to writing, I like translating and editing in Finnish and English, and I am also fluent in Swedish.    

Now that the children have grown up, I spend my free time reading books in English, exercising and in various cultural activities. Having always been interested in languages, I have most recently been studying modern Greek for over ten years.  

Eijariitta Huovinen


+358 45 607 9231

I am a media and change communication expert and I have been part of Paja's team since 2017. I have extensive experience in communication in both large international and smaller companies, where I have focused on media relations and change communication. 

 I can pick up topics that interest journalists or other customers' audiences. I don't shy away from difficult topics either. In communication, I have gained experience in, for example, stock exchange, change and strategy, merger & acquisition communications. 

In my free time, I live according to the seasons. When spring comes, I go to the country, collect and cook the harvest of summer and when autumn comes, I can preserve it.  During wintertime, I focus mostly on daily exercise and stories: I enjoy reading books and watching series and movies. 

Johanna Nykänen


+358 50 307 7411

I am a communications professional with a passion for strategy, change and workplace communications. I have spent most of my career working in large multinational companies in Finland and abroad, and my responsibilities have included a wide range of tasks in both communications and marketing communications.

During my career, I have been responsible for developing workplace communications, supporting strategy execution through communications and planning and implementing communications for change projects. My project management experience includes the design and launch of a social intranet, for example. I also have experience in corporate culture and brand development, multi-channel content production, editorial content production and publishing processes for customer magazines and other publications, as well as financial, stock exchange and sustainability communications.

To balance my work, I relax at the summer cottage and in the garden, go outdoors, read and watch detective stories, cook and have fun with my family, dog and friends.