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Communicating acquisition and integration at MacGregor

MacGregor, a global company specialising in maritime cargo and load handling and  part of Cargotec Corporation, was preparing the largest acquisition in its history.

The management understood the need to invest in integration planning and implementation to ensure that the companies would really merge together, and communications was seen as an important driver here. Our expert joined the cross-functional integration team and handled communications from the announcement of the acquisition to the completion of the merger and the initial stages of integration. 

The aim of communications was to help the personnel of the two companies to become one, unified team. Since people often experience uncertainty about the future during mergers, special attention was paid to openness and clarity in communications, as well as regularity and repetition of key issues.

Integration does not happen all at once or at high speed. Therefore, conscious communications efforts are needed for a longer time period to support it. The integration of MacGregor’s major acquisition was successful. It was, for instance, awarded Cargotec’s project of the year. 

A change communications project islike a marathon along which you need to put on several spurts. You need to have stamina to keep on going although surprising twists and turns appear on the way while you are also ready to sprint at any time - when things move forward, a lot needs to be done and quickly. Progressing in a rush can be successfully done when the plans are good and precise. The importance of planning is also key due to the fact that changes are usually complex. They typically bring good news for some target groups, bad news for others. Stock exchange regulations as well as labor and competition law also add their spice to the soup. A competent change communicator asks and challenges the project owners in a constructive spirit. This leads into clear and credible communication.

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