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Intranet guide for the Fiskars Group new headquarters

Fiskars Group was relocating to a new headquarters at the beginning of 2022. The company wanted a migration guide for the personnel to the SharePoint intranet, to be used also on mobile devices. The goal of the website was to familiarize the personnel with the office and the new ways of working, to tell about new solutions and services, and to provide information about the neighborhood of the office. The office was still in the construction phase, so we worked on the basis of plans and illustrative drawings. 

Since Fiskars Group also renewed their ways of working in connection with the relocation, the mover’s guide covered a wide range of topics. Key in functionality was on designing the content and structure of the website in such a way that the personnel could find the needed information as easily as possible. We made the page layouts and illustrated them with illustrative drawings at the beginning, so that the testers of the site had the opportunity to evaluate the overall functionality as well. In close cooperation with the Fiskars Group relocation team, we refined the guide into a successful online guide to support those moving to the new office. 

”The move is a significant change for the company and its personnel, and you must invest in its communication. One way to make the future home base familiar to everybody is to produce a mover’s guide, in online and mobile versions. In addition to the structure and services of the new office, the guide often explains the change in ways of working initiated by the move. The content must summarize the most important things in an easily searchable format, and the site must have an attractive appearance."

Kirsi Kausamo

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