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Engaging the work community in change

Our cooperation with Telia Inmics-Nebula started with the company’s need for strategic communications support. 

The strategy renewal process was close to completion. We were asked to help with crystallizing the key messages of the new strategy and create strategy communications material. The vision and mission had also been updated, so it was important to articulate a coherent strategy story to support employee engagement in the shared change journey. 

It was decided to also include a traditional employee magazine in the strategy communications toolkit. We were responsible for the magazine’s editorial and production process, including editing and writing the articles. The schedule was tight, but with good collaboration we successfully reached the finish line. 

"Our cooperation with the professional Paja team was excellent. Despite the tight schedule, the project was completed with a great attitude and expertise."

Mira Saranpää, Senior Manager, strategia- ja työyhteisöviestintä, Telia Inmics-Nebula

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