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Communications as a service

If your communications team is missing a member or a project a communicator, we can help you quickly. Our expert can work in your team full-time or part-time for as long as you need. We have worked with business units and projects as well as led communications teams in temporary assignments.  

We take on assignments fast, handle them competently and slip into the work community quickly. The best feedback we have received is that working with a Paja consultant feels like working with a long-time colleague.

Leading communications for MacGregor

Our consultant has acted twice as an interim communications director at MacGregor, a global company specialising in maritime cargo and load handling and part of Cargotec Corporation. She has led a team of five communicators and has been responsible for the company’s workplace, media, and marketing communications. Our consultant has jumped into MacGregor’s organization like

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Supporting communications in a financial organization 

Our consultant worked for one year in a financial company, supporting the communications manager in daily communications. Her tasks included preparing communications plans, writing, editing, and translating articles, updating internal and external websites, as well as communicating system changes. As a separate project, she was responsible for the communications of a hackathon event.

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