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A variety of contents for the Ministry

We have produced presentation material, infographics, articles, and entire publications for the projects of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, aimed at developing their business operations.

Among other things, we have edited the content and coordinated the graphic look of the Collaboration and division of labor publication (in Finnish), which summarizes the roadmap for the growth strategy of research and innovation activities in the health sector. We have also put together a presentation on the goals and measures of innovative public procurement included in the government program. The target group was EU officials and government representatives, who were informed about developments and successes during 2008-2022.

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Content creation for the Centre for Occupational Safety

We have been producing a variety of content for the Centre for Occupational Safety in Finland for a long time, and have been involved in the preparation of their action report for the past six years. We have also produced safety manuals for the Centre for Occupational Safety, for employees of ski resorts and golf centers.

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Working with Zenner Engineers on social media 

The company decided to start actively using social media in order to increase its overall visibility, attract new employees and tell potential new customers about the company's expertise. We established social media channels for the company, trained key personnel on social media goals and practices, and created a publication calendar to support regular communications.

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