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Strategy into everyday work at Helkama Bica 

Telling a company’s strategy story in a clear and understandable way is essential for making the strategy a part of employees’ everyday work.

Helkama Bica is a Finnish family-owned company that specializes in the development and production of marine and telecom cables. The company had renewed its strategy and wanted to communicate its focus areas and future direction to personnel in Finland and abroad. 

We assisted Helkama Bica’s management in summarising the extensive strategy material and crystallizing the main messages into a format that is easy to understand and suitable for workplace communications. It was important for the material to be flexible, so that the presentation could be tailored to the needs of different personnel groups. The outcome was a coherent and visual presentation in Finnish and English to support the strategy story. 

"Creating the strategy story in everyday language has been important to ensure that we are able to communicate the needs of change to personnel clearly enough. We have been able to use the material completed with Paja in many contexts. The cooperation with Paja went well and as professionals they were able to quickly understand our needs.” Mikko Mattila, CEO, Helkama Bica

Mikko Mattila, toimitusjohtaja, Helkama Bica

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Workplace communication on strategy and values

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