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Renewing workplace communications

Our client is an IT company that, due to strong growth, needed a clear plan and practices for its workplace communications. 

We started the collaboration by conducting an employee communications survey for the entire staff, which we supplemented with interviews with the management. Based on the results, we created an employee communications plan, which we aligned with the company strategy that was being renewed at the same time. 

We clarified the roles of different communications channels, renewed content production practices and expanded the circle of content producers. 

A special focus was placed on strategy communications to ensure that both newcomers and long-timers would know the strategy well and therefore could build the link between strategy and daily work. In addition, we wanted to communicate regularly throughout the year and use different ways of communicating to maintain employees’ interest towards the topic.

We met the set targets, and in the next personnel survey, employee feedback on communications improved significantly. 

"Workplace communications has grown in importance in recent years. Workplace communications plan is built on the importance of strategy as the cornerstone of communication, the role and effective use of communications channels, and increasing community spirit through participation. Good workplace communications pays off in good performance, commitment to the company's goals, and community spirit motivating the teams even through difficult times."

Marianne Holmlund

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